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We Work For You

We Work for You

At Concours Auto Works, WE WORK FOR YOU. We are one of the few remaining collision repair shops that is truly independent. Most Collision repair shops and Insurance Companies have affiliated to become partners. We believe cutting a deal with the paying Insurance Company muddies the water so to speak. A major conflict of interest is developed. We don’t put ourselves in the position of choosing who is actually our client. We make it simple.

WE WORK FOR YOU! NOT the Insurance Company. We realize not all repairs are the same. Unique situations demand customized repair plans. Let us know what you need and we will try to help you. There is nothing enjoyable about using the majority of our services (other than the results). Usually if you are calling or walking into Concours Autoworks something has gone wrong. We will help you understand how insurance works and inform you of your options.

WE WORK FOR YOU! NOT the Insurance Company. If they haven’t already, your company or the responsible company will try to steer you toward one of their so-called “guaranteed repair facilities”, all under the disguise of a quick and easy repair process. Please take the time to educate yourself on getting your car fixed properly. Insurance companies make financial decisions about how your car should be repaired. Our client and the staff at Concours Auto Works will make decisions together, discovering what is best for the client. This service costs your nothing.

At Concours Autoworks, the client is responsible for only the deductible if it applies and no other charges. If we believe a certain part or procedure is necessary for a quality repair, we will perform that procedure at no additional cost to you. We have never, nor will we ever, back charge a client for the Insurance Company’s bad decisions.